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The price range for the concrete hollow blocks is from 15.00 for the 4″ 500psi block with pick-up to 46.00 for the 8″ 1000psi block delivered to the Metro Manila area.

Concrete Hollow Blocks (CHBs) are widely used in building construction throughout the Philippines. They offer a cost-effective solution with numerous advantages.

CHBs are rectangular blocks with a standard dimension of 0.4*0.4*0.2. They come in various sizes, including 8′, 6′, 5′, and 4-inch hollow blocks. These blocks are produced using a concrete brick-making machine, ensuring high strength and precise dimensions. They are made from cast concrete, typically using Portland cement and aggregate.

What sets CHBs apart is their affordability and versatility. They are lightweight, fireproof, soundproof, heat-preserving, impermeable, earthquake-resistant, and durable. CHBs are also pollution-free and energy- and resource-efficient. With these features, it’s no wonder that CHBs are a popular choice for construction projects in the Philippines.

So, whether you’re building a residential property or a commercial structure, CHBs offer a reliable and affordable option. Keep reading to learn more about the types, applications, and advantages of CHBs, as well as where to find the best prices in the Philippines.

Types and Applications of Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are versatile construction materials widely used in the Philippines. They come in various types and designs to cater to different construction needs. Here are some common types of hollow blocks:

  • Standard Size Hollow Blocks
  • 4-Inch Hollow Blocks
  • Specialized Hollow Blocks for Specific Applications

These blocks are extensively utilized in both residential and commercial projects. They serve multiple purposes and can be used as building components for walls, partitions, and foundations.

Hollow blocks offer several key advantages that make them an ideal choice for constructing sturdy and energy-efficient structures. Their hollow design provides excellent thermal insulation, ensuring better temperature regulation and energy savings. Additionally, the structure of these blocks offers soundproofing capabilities, creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.

Moreover, hollow blocks provide excellent structural support, making them suitable for various construction purposes. They are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for faster and more efficient construction.

Applications of Hollow Blocks:

Hollow blocks have a wide range of applications:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Fences and walls
  • Partition walls
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
Advantages of Hollow BlocksApplications
1. Excellent thermal insulation propertiesResidential buildings, commercial buildings
2. Soundproofing capabilitiesResidential buildings, office spaces
3. Lightweight and easy to handleIndustrial structures, fences, and walls
4. Structural supportFoundations, retaining walls
5. Easy installation and faster constructionResidential and commercial buildings

No matter the project, hollow blocks offer reliable performance and versatility, ensuring durable and cost-effective construction.

Features and Advantages of Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks offer several key features and advantages that make them a preferred choice in the Philippines. Their hollow design reduces weight while maintaining strength, making them easier to handle and transport.

  • Convenience during construction: The hollow cavities inside the blocks allow for the installation of electrical and plumbing systems, enhancing convenience during construction.
  • Thermal insulation properties: Hollow blocks provide excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.
  • Soundproofing capabilities: In addition to thermal insulation, hollow blocks also have soundproofing capabilities, creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.
  • Fire resistance: Hollow blocks are fire-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety to structures.

To ensure high quality, it is recommended to source hollow blocks from reputable manufacturers or distributors in Manila or other locations. A reliable and trusted provider will not only guarantee the use of high-quality materials but also offer competitive pricing for your CHB construction materials needs in the Philippines.

Comparison of Hollow Blocks Features and Advantages

Hollow designReduces weight while maintaining strength
Convenience during constructionAllows for easy installation of electrical and plumbing systems
Thermal insulation propertiesRegulates indoor temperatures and reduces energy consumption
Soundproofing capabilitiesCreates a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment
Fire resistanceAdds an extra layer of safety to structures

Price of Concrete Hollow Blocks in the Philippines

CHB 8″ 1000psi39.0046.001,000pcs
CHB 8″ 700psi37.0044.001,000pcs
CHB 8″ 500psi35.0042.001,000pcs
CHB 6″ 1000psi21.0029.0035.001,450pcs
CHB 6″ 700psi19.0027.0033.001,450pcs
CHB 6″ 500psi17.0025.0031.001,450pcs
CHB 5″ 1000psi20.0028.0034.001,700pcs
CHB 5″ 700psi18.0026.0032.001,700pcs
CHB 5″ 500psi16.0024.0030.001,700pcs
CHB 4″ 1000psi19.0026.0030.002,100pcs
CHB 4″ 700psi17.0024.0028.002,100pcs
CHB 4″ 500psi15.0022.0026.002,100pcs

This table lists various types of concrete hollow blocks (CHB), their prices for pick-up or delivery to Pampanga and Metro Manila, and the minimum quantity required for a truckload. The strength of the blocks is indicated by the psi value in their description.

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